jeudi 1 janvier 1970

Wrapped in you - Kate PERRY

Pourquoi je le lis :

J'ai lu et beaucoup aimé All for you il y a quelques mois, alors je n'ai pas résisté lorsque je suis tombée sur cette romance proposée en téléchargement gratuit...



En résumé (quatrième de couverture) :

Trudy Hawke's mission: to go on Christmas vacation and have fun.

Bah humbug. She doesn't take vacations, and she especially doesn't go anywhere during the holidays. But her boss insists it's the price she needs to pay to become a full partner in his new private investigation firm. She'll do anything to become partner--even subject herself to love, peace, and Christmas music.

Trudy figures it's no big deal: she'll hole up in a hotel in Laurel Heights, drink gin, and watch action movies until she can return to London. Only her tyrant boss gives her a holiday list of mandatory to-do items.

It's all impossible, until she meets Mason, who proposes a mutually beneficial deal: he'll help her with the list if she'll be his date to his office holiday events, to show his edgy tech employees that he's more than a nerd from Iowa. From the moment she agrees, Trudy gets more than she bargained for, but she refuses to be corrupted by the magic of the season—or love. 



Mon avis :

à venir...


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